A personal trainer can make the difference between reaching your fitness goals and watching them fall away.

Deciding to work with a trainer is a very personal choice and one we are excited to offer you at USA Fitness. Whether you want just a few sessions because you're new to exercise or you're looking for long-term support to train for a competition (or anything in between!) we have a trainer that can help you realize your goals. 

Personal Trainers motivate you at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA


Having someone in the gym with you, pushing you to do your best can make all the difference in the world. It's so easy to say, "I went my hardest today". But did you really? Working with a coach catapults you to the highest status you are physically and mentally capable of. Oftentimes, clients surpass their goals, reaching levels they didn't even know were possible with an experienced trainer by their side.

Personal Trainers support you at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA


With a trainer in your corner, you have a personalized cheerleader dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Learn how to use the equipment properly to avoid injury through individual instruction. Improve your technical skills to hit the next level. Lose the weight you've been wanting to drop. Hit your muscular peak for the next competition you want to win. Everything you want is possible with the right support.

Personal Trainers have great knowledge at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA


Maximum effort should equal maximum output every time you enter the gym. Your trainer has the ability to make every minute count for you. Proper sequencing, proper techniques, personalized timing and eating programs are all created for your individual body weight and goals. Working with a trainer gives you access to a wealth of information you can incorporate into your life and put to work reaching your objectives. 

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Meet Our Trainers

Darren Levorce, Personal Trainer and Owner at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

Darren Levorce

Darren's passion has always been fitness, and for more than 30 years he has balanced exercise with living a healthy lifestyle to maximize his physical results in the bodybuilding field. An award-winning athlete and Cape Cod Natural Bodybuilding Champ of the Master's Class, he has competed for more than 20 years, continuously working to sustain his workouts with a real food methodology. His passion for food, led him into the restaurant business for more than 33 years where he owned and managed multiple restaurants. For the last two years, Darren has focused on developing healthy eating plans for his fitness clients and has worked one-on-one with elite athletes to reach their personal fitness goals. 

Isobel Thomas, personal trainer at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

Isobel Thomas

Isobel is a multi-faceted personal trainer who enjoys sharing her expertise and knowledge with people to live more fulfilling and healthy lifestyles. Originally from Wales in the UK, she brings almost thirty years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry to her Infinity Fitness clients. Her credentials include a BS (hons) in Science and Management of Exercise and Health, an MS in Exercise and Health Science, and certifications in group exercise, weight lifting, and sports coaching. She is currently working towards ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist and Yoga Teacher training. Outside of the gym, Teresa is passionate about horse riding, although she enjoys almost anything outdoors.

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