Team work makes the dream work, right? Meet the USA Fitness Team!


Darren & Debbie Levorce

Darren and Debbie Levorce, owners of Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

Debbie and Darren have been working together in business and life for over 20 years. This husband-and-wife team have owned and managed multiple health-oriented businesses together and now bring their business acumen and love of fitness to their life-long dream, USA Fitness.

Darren and Debbie know that the cornerstone to a successful, happy life is getting daily movement in and maintaining a healthy weight. Their goal is to make you feel at home in a clean, welcoming environment where you can sweat it out without pressure or intimidation. Being able to offer a space for people to come reach their fitness goals with other like-minded, supportive people, is the the culmination of many years of work by this health-loving couple.

They invite you to come be a part of their USA Fitness Falmouth family and live the healthiest life possible!   

Isobel Thomas
Personal Trainer

Isobel Thomas, Personal Trainer at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

Isobel is a multi-faceted personal trainer who enjoys sharing her expertise and knowledge with people to live more fulfilling and healthy lifestyles.

Originally from Wales in the UK, she brings almost thirty years experience in the Health and Fitness Industry to her Infinity Fitness clients.

Her credentials include a BS (hons) in Science and Management of Exercise and Health, an MS in Exercise and Health Science, and certifications in group exercise, weight lifting, sports coaching, and BMAX. She is currently working towards ACSM Certified Clinical Exercise Specialist and Yoga Teacher training.

Outside of the gym, she is passionate about horse riding, although she enjoys almost anything outdoors.

Alex Tice
Yoga Instructor

Alex Tice, yoga instructor at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

To Alex, yoga is "like a spiritual scripture transformed into the Grace of Movement". Self-taught in 2013, he built his own flow and begin teaching classes to share his personal practice with others. In the winter of 2015, he became a certified yoga instructor and since then has traveled within all different communities to provide expansive hybridized yoga flow for various ages, life stages, and mental & physical abilities.  

Alex has his bachelors in Movement Arts (PE teacher licensure) and also holds certifications as a Core Power Yoga Instructor, Chek Holistic Exercise Coach, Mind-Body Fitness Coach, Yoga Program Design, Swiss Ball Training and Advanced Swiss Ball Training for Rehabilitation, Scientific Core Conditioning, Scientific Back Training, and Scientific Shoulder Training.

He enjoys any activity that optimizes the growth of the mind and body, and anything that enhances the connection between them.

Teresa Black
Fitness Instructor

Teresa Black, Fitness Instructor at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

Teresa has been an AFAA certified aerobics instructor and Personal Trainer since 2001. 

Her love for fitness began in 1999 when she started taking kickboxing classes. She had found her calling and has been teaching kickboxing and sculpting classes ever since.

She added a Zumba certification in 2009, became certified to teach Cycle in 2014, Tabata Bootcamp in 2015, Pilates in 2015, and Barre Above in May of 2016. To her, in the fitness world, the sky is the limit. She found a way to keep exercise fun and exciting and wants to share her passion with others.  

On the personal side, she is a busy mother of two. She has a daughter, Mary 25, who is a nurse and inspires Teresa to achieve more every day. She also has a very active 6-year-old son, Dylan, who keeps her running around and on her toes. 

Rodrigo Vandre de Souza Ramos
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu


Born in Rio de Janeiro BR in 1981, Rodrigo is part of Bjj Club: Juniko (Daniel Gracie Team). He is a Brazilian jiu-jitsu black belt and Brazilian luta-livre 3 degree black belt.

He has been competing in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for years and holds the following titles:

  • State champion Greco-roman wrestling (Rio de Janeiro) 2007

  • State champion Greco-roman wrestling (Rio de Janeiro) 2008

  • State champion Greco-roman wrestling (Rio de Janeiro) 2009

  • Brazilian champion (Greco-roman wrestling) 2007

  • Brazilian champion (Greco-roman wrestling) 2008

  • Brazilian champion (Greco-roman wrestling) 2009

  • South American bronze medalist (Greco-roman wrestling)

  • Naga champion 2013

  • Naga champion 2014

  • Naga champion 2016

  • Pan American silver medalists 2014

  • Pan American silver medalists 2015

  • Pan American silver medalists 2017

  • Boston open silver medalists 2014

Nicole Hanflig
Fitness Instructor

Nicole Hanflig, Fitness Instructor at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

Nicole (RYT-200) is a dedicated personal trainer and group exercise instructor with twenty years experience in the fitness industry. She considers herself a lifelong learner and loves attending fitness conventions and taking master classes.

Nicole holds numerous certifications from internationally recognized organizations including Merrithew, Barre Above, AAAI-ISMA, and Innerglow Yoga.

She loves traveling, reading, hiking, biking, and spending time on the beach with her husband and two daughters.

Nancy Silveira
Zumba Instructor

Nancy Silveira, Zumba Instructor at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

Energetic and outgoing, Nancy loves to get everyone going in class.

Certified in 2010 for Zumba and Zumba Gold, Nancy describes herself as "a little spicy", loves to dance, and is ready to inspire everyone in her class to sweat it out while burning calories and having fun. 

She's known to leave it all behind on the "dance floor" and wants you to come along for the exercise party. 

Kim Benton
Zumba Instructor

Kim Benton, Zumba Instructor at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

Kim is a lifelong dance enthusiast who discovered Zumba Fitness as a student in a fitness club 8 years ago. She loved the idea of "exercise in disguise" so much that she became a Zumba instructor that same year and has been leading Zumba classes ever since.

Kim believes that when exercise is fun, a fitness program is more consistent and therefore more successful. She strives to make every Zumba class a "join the party" experience so that you can enjoy reaching your fitness goals.  

Kim is licensed to teach Zumba, Zumba Gold, and Zumba Toning, and also has specialty training in Zumba Core and Zumba Glutes.

Lillian Lomba
Zumba Instructor

Lillian Lomba, Zumba Instructor at Infinity Fitness in Falmouth, MA

 Lillian began her fitness journey in 2013. During that year she attained her license as a Zumba® and Zumba® Kids/Kids Jr Instructor. Lillian holds a Group Exercise Certification with the Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and a Total Body Strength Conditioning Certification with American Aerobic Association International and International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA). 

Lillian brings energy, enthusiasm and fun to her classes!

Lillian’s attention to safety ensures that all class participants have a blast, while getting a great workout!

Yaya Price
Pilates Instructor

Bio Picture.jpg

Hola! My name is Yarlene Price aka Yaya. I was born and raised in the island of Puerto Rico and I love to dance! I have been a Zumba instructor for the last 10 years and I just recently got certified as a Pilates instructor.

I've been dancing since I was a girl to Jazz, hip-hop, Latin music, etcetera. Used to teach these genres as well for elementary aged children. I have taught classes in Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Florida and Massachusetts. I've been living in Cape Cod for the last 6 years with my loving husband.

My motivation in pursuing Contemporary Pilates is to relieve stress, minimize muscle and back pain, build strength and maintain flexibility. Throughout my life I've always been a volunteer in the community and I love helping others. If one way to help people is by contributing to there wellness through Contemporary Pilates, then here I am.

Kim Miller-Jones
Group Training Instructor


Kim has been a certified group ex instructor for about 16 years teaching a variety of classes including Zumba, Pure Muscle Tone, Pilates, Tabata, Cardio Kick, Spin, Bosu and Step.

She is also a personal trainer and small group training instructor.

Chiko Fujii
Cardio Kickboxing Instructor


Konnichiwa, my name is Chiko Fujii, and I’m a certified cardio kickboxing instructor with fourteen years of experience. I grew up outside of Kobe, Japan, and have been into physical activities since I was a child. I’ve been involved in sports and martial arts, and after I graduated university in Japan, I played professional softball for NEC. In 1999, I moved here in America. Currently I’m a Registered Nurse at Falmouth Hospital.

I started kickboxing in 2004 with Denise White at the Falmouth Self Defense and Kardio-kickboxing Center, where I was trained and certified as an instructor. Additionally, my years of experience since childhood in Shoalin Kempo Karate has been helpful in teaching my clients the proper forms of kicking and punching and breathing. My focus is to share my passion of this exciting, high energy cardio kickboxing experience with clients at any physical level.