Let 30 years of meal planning and execution work for YOU

Eating healthy meals can be challenging with the busy lives we lead! There aren't many places you can quickly stop after work to pick up something for dinner to nourish your body that tastes good and is good for you. Look no further because Chef D'Lite meals has solved your healthy meal problem! Whether you're on a diet and want to keep your meals on track, are training for competitions, or are busy mom and dad with kids you want to feed well, we can help. 

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Quality Food

Top of the line meats, vegetables, and light whole grains are the cornerstones of our meals. 30 years of chef experience is poured into the creation and flavoring of these meals. You will not be disappointed with the taste, quality, or portion size. Clients (even kids) rave about how delicious they are. 

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Heat it and Eat it

Get creative, wholesome snacks and meals catered to your likes and needs with no cooking or clean up! Heat it, eat it, throw the container in recycling and go back to your busy life feeling nourished and satisfied. Best of all it doesn't break the bank and you stay on track with healthy eating.   

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Customized for YOU

We will meet with you and create a meal plan that meets your protein, fat, and carbohydrate needs. No one meal fits all and we know how important it is to take in the proper amounts of nutrients for what you are trying to accomplish. Don't like green beans? Don't eat meat? We've got you covered with personalized meal creations.

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No minimums or maximums. Order as many meals as you need each week. Convenient pick up here at USA Fitness.

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Darren Levorce

Co-Owner of USA Fitness, Chef D'Lite, and Personal Trainer
Darren's passion has always been fitness, and for more than 30 years he has balanced exercise with living a healthy lifestyle to maximize his physical results in the bodybuilding field. An award-winning athlete, he has competed for more than 20 years, continuously working to sustain his workouts with a real food methodology. His passion for food, led him into the restaurant business for more than 33 years where he owned, managed, and chef'd it up in multiple restaurants.

For the last two years, Darren has focused on developing healthy eating plans for his fitness clients and has worked one-on-one with elite athletes to reach their personal fitness goals. He started Chef D'Lite meals to help his personal training clients stay on track because so many "health" foods are filled with preservatives, chemicals, and hidden toxic fats that they derail your fitness progress. The business exploded as news spread about the delicious food and how easy Chef D'Lite makes meal times. Darren can train you, create your food plans based on your goals AND cook your meals.